Youth Association of Serbia

A non-governmental, independent organization representing and representing the interests of all its members in terms of improving living conditions. The Alliance is an organization that brings together over 20 non-governmental organizations from Serbia.
The Youth Alliance of Serbia aims to link the youth organizations for youth in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, as well as to actively promote that young people become visible members of the social community, which they belong to with all rights and obligations.

Throughout history and political turmoil, the Alliance has been inactive for almost half a decade, and therefore its existence has been neglected. With the arrival of a new generation of young people with new ideas, energy and enthusiasm, the Alliance has again entered into service to young people by re-activating it in 2013 to improve the position of young people and help them realize their rights.

By 2013, the Youth Alliance of Serbia was engaged in promoting the rights of children and youth through local projects that were supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sport and Youth Channels, which also promotes the popularization of sport and healthy life among young people, affirmation of youth through institutions societies and greater participation of young people in decision-making and decision-making processes. New young people who decided to re-launch the Alliance, prior to its activation, gained their knowledge and experience initially through various local projects, and later joined the Youth in Action program of the European Union for Youth Education.

By re-activating the Alliance, an organization supported by the experience of its members and people who lead it in 2014 takes part in the new EU program, Erasmus +, aimed at educating young people through non-formal education. Since that year OSS takes an active role in promoting the position of youth and the rights of the youth through participation in various international projects (student exchange, trainings, seminars, conferences). In these international projects, besides educating young people and exchanging cultural values, young people represent their country, promote their values, represent their culture and customs, and also learn about the cultures of other countries and nations.

The target group that is included in the projects that the Alliance implements are primarily students at primary, master and doctoral studies, as well as young people at the final year of high school education. This group has been selected in the sense that these young people are the main driver of all changes in the world, and carry the necessary positive energy and enthusiasm to fight with all the possible troubles and problems that will be averted on their path to success.

Since the beginning of the Alliance’s participation in the Erasmus plus program, the organization can boast of having implemented and maintained over 15 projects funded by the EU for a period of three years in the field of youth education. Projects successfully implemented by the organization have been maintained in the Balkan countries, as well as in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe (Serbia, Vienna, Croatia, Prague, Lithuania …).

The topics of the projects implemented by the organization are: human rights, environmental protection, entrepreneurship, youth unemployment, PR marketing, religious diversity, migration …

The Youth Alliance of Serbia in the frame of the Erasmus plus program has signed cooperation with organizations from the European Union, from the following countries: Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary , Czech Republic, Cyprus, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Turkey.

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